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7 Ways to Refresh Backyard Without Spending a Dime

In an ideal world, everyone would have a sizable budget to decorate their outside areas. However, inside house maintenance and repairs mount up, and our shelter often takes precedence over the outside environment.

Refresh Backyard Without Spending a Dime

You have to have the confidence to use what’s available to you outdoors. Like any DIY project, a backyard renovation really benefits from inventiveness and an openness to new ideas.

Landscape designer Andrea Scharff adds, “If you don’t want to spend any money but have access to the internet and a bit of time, then you have the world at your fingertips.”

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Here are some ideas for updating your refresh backyard without spending a dime in time for free-ninety-nine.

Start With a Clean Slate

After a harsh winter, it’s probably been a while since you’ve relaxed outdoors. It’s time to brush off the cobwebs before proceeding. “A thorough cleaning can achieve remarkable results,” says Andi Morse, an interior designer.

She advises using this checklist before adding any new outdoor gear to the collection:

She continues by telling you to focus on your trees and flower beds. Morse claims that you can quickly improve the appearance of your property by just taking the effort to pick or spray weeds.

Finally, trim your trees in the same manner that you remove weeds from your yard. Overgrown trees not only appear untidy but also pose a risk to your house refresh backyard without spending a dime .

Propagate Your Plants

It’s not always necessary to make an expensive journey to the nearby plant nursery in order to add fresh plants to your yard. Scharff points out that propagation allows you to increase the quantity of landscape plants you have.

Excellent choices for propagation include plants such as boxwood, hydrangeas, roses, and other herbs, fruits, and vegetables. “It’s not hard, it’s free, and very rewarding,” she claims.

Upcycle Old Patio Furniture

Patio furniture outside must be able to resist the weather all the time. Even the finest-made items will begin to show their age after a few seasons.

You may give these objects a second life by sewing new slipcovers or applying a fresh coat of paint or stain instead of replacing them. You probably already have paint, wood stain, and fabric on hand from previous projects if you’re an ardent do-it-yourselfer.

If you’re in need of patio furniture in the first place, try if you can find any free items on Facebook Marketplace or in your neighbourhood Buy Nothing group. For instance, a customer who was prepared for a shift gave Scharff her own outdoor couch and chair set. They seemed brand new after she just painted and reupholstered them herself.

Re-Arrange Your Yard

Just as moving your inside furniture around may give you a whole new outlook, the same goes for moving your outdoor furniture. Moving your sitting area from one corner to another might make a big difference if you have a bigger patio.

For landscape plants, the same principle holds true. Even while frequent transplanting might harm established plants, moving them only once can completely change the appearance of your yard.

Use Indoor Decor and Furniture Outside

The use of furniture and décor from interior spaces outside is theoretically unrestricted. For a season, an indoor wood table may age nicely, and metal furniture can be sprayed with a protective layer to keep rust from occurring.

Scharff even sometimes uses her throw blankets and pillows from inside the house outdoors. “I won’t store them outside but it allows me to refresh the space easily,” she explains.

Add a Little Ambiance

The simple things really can make a big difference in creating a peaceful haven in your garden. Scharff never entertains without turning up music, lighting candles, and scattering some flower arrangements.

“I love having floral arrangements clipped from flowers, herbs, and greenery I grow in the garden outside when I entertain,” adds Scharff.

Get Creative With Lighting

Any outdoor lounge area needs mood lighting, and you can make the lighting you currently have better. Scharff enjoys turning used jars into lanterns by lighting candles inside of them.

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“They add magic and warmth to the garden, and most people have these items in their pantry,” she claims.

Another lighting tip she provides is to punch holes in cans and insert candles inside to create beautiful fairy lights that you can add to a tablescape or hang from trees.

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