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How to Redo Kitchen Cabinets So Your Kitchen Looks Brand New

Do you require a kitchen renovation? Cabinetry replacement is one of the more expensive components of this kind of job, with an average cost of $6,700 required to complete the task. Cabinets that have the appearance of being brand new might be purchased for a price that is not nearly as high.

Redo Kitchen Cabinets

All you need to do is exercise your imagination. If you are disappointed with the appearance of your current Redo kitchen cabinets, here are six different ways to redo them.


The process of repainting Redo kitchen cabinets is one of the simplest ways to give them a new look. It has the potential to actually give your kitchen a fresh lease on life. It is possible to accomplish this task on your own; nevertheless, it is significantly more laborious (and time-consuming) than some people may imagine.

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First, take the cabinet doors off their hinges and remove them. Each side should then be sanded, primed, and painted. Applying multiple thin coats of paint will result in a more durable and aesthetically pleasing finish than applying a single thick layer. You are going to be astounded by the way in which your kitchen has been completely transformed.

In spite of the fact that white paint is a safe bet, it might be worthwhile to choose a more daring hue in order to give your outdated kitchen a more contemporary appearance. Some examples of such colors include deep hunter green, olive, or even navy blue. Use a light blue color to achieve a style that is grand millennial or seaside. Do you like a little bit of whimsy? One option to consider is a shade of light pink. It will appear to be both smart and playful.


If you have lovely wooden cabinets, you might not want to paint them, but you should definitely think about re-staining them; this is something you should definitely explore. This is especially true for those dark espresso cabinets that were so trendy five or six years ago but now appear to be a little bit out of date. Under the condition that the cabinets have been sanded correctly, it is possible to stain the wood to a lighter hue. Keep in mind that if you are not a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you should not attempt to complete this task on your own.

Add New Doors

However, there are situations when your cabinets are so outdated and out of date that even the options presented above do not sound all that enticing. In the event that this is the case, installing new cabinet doors might be a far more cost-effective option than completely replacing your cabinets, particularly if everything is still in functioning order.

Pre-made doors for Ikea cabinetry systems are available from Semihandmade, in addition to doors that are designed to be compatible with the majority of other brands. When developing a budget for this job, it is important to keep in mind that you could need to replace hinges in addition to having to replace other hardware.

Cover in Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

There is a possibility that renters who have ancient cabinetry may have the impression that they are unable to replace their cabinets, but this is not always the case. Wallpaper with a peel-and-stick application is always an option. In order to create the illusion of paint, you need use a solid hue. Before beginning, you should make sure to cut carefully and remove any hardware that may be there. Then, before you leave, you should remove the paper carefully.

Please take note that this method is most effective when applied to Redo kitchen cabinets that have a smooth surface. Before removing the temporary wallpaper, it is recommended that you perform a test patch to ensure that there is no residue left behind.

Replace Your Upper Cabinets With Open Shelving

Altering only the upper cabinetry with open shelves is a fashionable alternative for homeowners who are working with a limited budget. This is in contrast to the situation in which changing all of your cabinets might cost an arm and a leg. On the other hand, even though you will most likely have to patch up and spackle the wall before installing the shelves, open shelving is still more affordable than purchasing new cabinets.

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