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7 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

When you have finished decluttering your closet, there will always be a pile of clothing that you are struggling to decide what to do with. It is usually a good idea to give anything you can to people who are in need; yet, for some reason or another, you will have some stragglers that you simply can’t get rid of, such as items that are discolored or worn out.

Creative Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

You may want to think about upcycling them rather than dumping them out in the garbage. In addition to being an excellent and cost-effective method of giving worn garments a new lease on life, you are not contributing to the accumulation of further textile waste. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that in 2018, more than 18,000,000 pounds of clothing and footwear were disposed of in landfills. With these seven different methods to repurpose old garments, you can help the environment as well as your money.

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Cut Jeans Into Shorts and Hair Accessories

In the event that you have successfully transitioned from wearing skinnies to shorts, you have the option of cutting your denim into shorts and using the excess fabric to create hair accessories such as simple headbands or ties. It is fortunate that the distressed style is popular at the moment; thus, there is no need to strive for perfection; instead, embrace the frayed and slightly jagged edges.

Dye Blouses, Dresses, and Skirts

There is a possibility that articles of clothes with lighter colors can get dingy over time, particularly if you do not segregate them in the wash. If you want to make those pieces seem more acceptable again, you may want to think about dying them. RIT Dye is a brand that is well-known in the crafting industry, since it is inexpensive, trustworthy, and widely accessible at large box shops like Walmart.

Rip T-Shirts Into Cleaning Rags

T-shirts that have been used for a long time may have a worn-out appearance, but due to their age, they are often quite soft, making them an ideal choice for cleaning sensitive surfaces. The greatest option for this application is to use cotton shirts.

Transform T-Shirts Into Bags

You could already have a sufficient amount of cleaning rags, but you still want to do something with those old t-shirts. If this is the case, choose your favorites and make bags out of them. The only thing you need to do is stitch up the bottom of the shirt and trim the neck hole and the sleeves so that they are fashioned like a tank top. The “straps” will be the handles. Do you hate sewing? This will allow you to create little tassels by snipping away at the bottom, and then you can knot them up. An great step-by-step approach may be found on the DIY Blogger Happiest Camper website.

Make Clothing Into a Quilt or Pillows

In the event that you own any outfits that have emotional importance, you have the option of transforming such things into a quilt or cushion as well. These are sometimes referred to as memory quilts or memory pillows, and although you may build them yourself if you are skilled in the art of crafting, there are a great number of Etsy stores that will do the construction for you. You need just send them your garments!

Turn Socks Into Heating Pads

As a means of relieving aching muscles and joints, you may repurpose your knee-high socks by transforming them into homemade heating pads. You only need to load them with rice that has not been cooked, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil if you so like, and then either tie a knot or sew the open end tight. As soon as you are ready to use it, just slip a towel between the heating pad and your skin and set it in the microwave for about one minute. (Never bring heat into direct contact.)

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Convert Sweaters Into Cozy Scarves

Knit sweaters that have been stretched out may be transformed into comfortable scarves; all that is required is a little amount of hemming and a cut in the bottom half of the sweater. If you really want to perfect it, you can do this. A method for crafting that does not involve sewing and just takes three items can be found on the site Swoodson Says.

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